Jun. 28th, 2009 11:48 am
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Rest in peace Billy! You totally got my family to buy Oxi Clean.

June 2009

Jun. 10th, 2009 02:59 pm
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JUne 09
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Did I ever mention that I love Tiger’s eye.

Tiger's eye collection

ANYWAY! Drag Me To Hell comes out this Friday. Gotta love the ol’ gypsy curse.

Also, this Saturday Blizzcon 2009 tickets go on sale. I seriously doubt I’m going because I’m not shelling out 125 dollars for two days in Anaheim. Fuck that.

Also! My Mom is turning 49 years old this Sunday!

And just 18 more days until I can change out the earring in my new cartilage piercing! But, I wanna do it right now ;laskjdflajsasdfljk;k
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Okay! I did it! Finally! I am registered for AnimeExpo 2009! I got a 4-day pass... I hope that's the right one. My brain is fried right now. x.x
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Look who else jumped on the Dreamwidth bandwagon. ME!

First cross post as well!

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Okay, I did a little bit of organizing today. I made a whole file of stuff for Palomar. I need to make an appointment to see a counselor... One thing at a time!

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May. 6th, 2009 02:53 pm
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Piercing is finally starting to hurt today. It looks pretty good though. I kinda wish I'd used a smaller stud though, now that I look at it. All my other ones were so old and dirty. I didn't trust them. I didn't even think about putting a ring in because I thought it'd get all tangled in my hair. OH WELL. It's in there now and it ain't coming out that's for damn sure.

In other news, I didn't sleep at all last night. Partly because of my ear and mostly because I feel like I'm losing my mind. Not eating enough and not sleeping enough can do that I guess?

I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanna take an American Sign Language class next semester. I'm not sure why. I always thought it looked really pretty and it seems like a somewhat practical skill.
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I made an appointment to get my passport picture taken for Saturday, May 16th, at 2:10 PM. :D
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Cut for possible TMI )
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My poor dog Jane is back home today. She is petrified of everything. She’s all shaved and full of holes and bruised. It’s awful. The poor thing. We have all her pain meds and antibiotics.

WARNING: These pictures are pretty gruesome. Some people may be grossed out or whatever.

Tastes like chicken. )

She gets the tubes out this Friday.

On a lighter note, I wanna try my hand at scrapbooking. I need any and all pictures that I can get from the Las Vegas trip. So if any of y’all have any please send them to me. Oh, and I still need those pix from our adventures on Spring Break. The Wild Animal Park, the Birch Aquarium, and … where the fuck else did we go? XD I do have some Vegas pictures, but they are mostly of Kelly and Pablo.

Ack, I still need to buy AX tickets, make an appointment to get my picture taken for my passport, and sign up for classes for next semester. D:

I finished The Accidental Office Lady by Laura J. Kriska. It’s been out of print for ten years so I had to buy a used copy. This book was the only book I’ve ever read that was actually physically painful to read. It’s more of a brick than a book. The pages are like textbook pages and the cover is stiff and hard like the thin cardboard of a shoebox even though it’s the paperback edition. My hands are killing me from holding it.

While I was in Las Vegas my parents found some random comic book shop in a mall somewhere and got me this.Hexadecimal from Reboot! )

Anyway, I might post Vegas pix tomorrow… if I’m not feeling too lazy. :D
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My first day back from Las Vegas and my dog gets bitten by a coyote.
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Okay, seriously. Nightmares better start cutting it the fuck out.
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Finally 21

Apr. 1st, 2009 09:36 pm
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My birthday kicked ass this year. Ruth’s Chris Steak House has the best food and all my friends were great and I love all my presents. My new digital camera is so fuckin’ slick. It’s awesome. I think I'm gonna go downstairs and have small glass of wine. :D

I would write more, but I'm really tired.


Mar. 27th, 2009 08:50 am
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Oh joy of joys. I’m up so early I don’t even wanna think about how early it is. I woke up at like 5:30 AM or something utterly ridiculous.


I finally saw the Twilight movie. It was as bad as they say. It was better than the book though. I was groaning through most of it. Edward’s sparkling looked utterly retarded.